Spotify for ios 6 has made me insane


Spotify for ios 6 has made me insane







iPod touch  (also MacBook Pro, iPhone 6SE)

Operating System

iOS 6 (also OS X El Capitan, iOS 12)


My Question or Issue


When I first got Spotify, I used it with both my iPod touch and my MacBook Pro. I was making playlists on the Mac but listening on the iPod which sits 24/7 in a dock attached to my stereo system. One day the iPod stopped seeing any of my playlists, but I could still browse and search otherwsie. I started using Spotify Connect to route the playback from my Mac or my iPhone to the iPod for listening. Having to use multiple devices to listen was a huge annoyance. This has gone on for months until today. 


My Mac and iPhone no longer see the iPod as an available device to connect to (and vice versa). If I tried playing through the iPod and the Mac at the same time (different songs) one or the other would pause and pop up an error message saying another device was playing from my account! After rebooting the  iPod and launching and closing Spotify on all three devices, I was unable to get Spotify Connect to see the iPod ahile the iPhone and Mac both saw each other. But....


Suddenly the iPod sees all my playlists again.  




I know there is no official support for iOS 6 but this is ridiculous. Now wondering how long until the situation changes again. I keep thinking that something is happening at the Spotify servers that is causing this (mis)behvaior.




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Re: Spotify for ios 6 has made me insane


Actually this is more stupid than I thought. My iPod Touch is not really seeing my playlists like I thought. It lets me see my PUBLIC playlists which is not the same thing.


1. If I go to "My Music" I see no playlists.

2. If I click on the little icon of an "inbox" next to my username it shows my public playlists.

3. Spotify Connect is still broken.

4. The error message is "Spotify has been paused because your acount is being used somewhere else."  There was never previously an issue of running my account separately on two devices before!!!!