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Spotify has been nothing but a disaster since I installed

Spotify has been nothing but a disaster since I installed

Plan: Premium

Country: USA

Device: iPhone 6, iPad, 

Play music through Sonos Sound Bar

My Question or Issue:

I went all in on Spotify and got premium and installed the app on my phone, Mac and iPad. Since then, nothing works very well. Everytime I try to play songs, the skip about halfway through the song to the next one. Sometimes it just stops for no reason and then begins again for no reason. I try to get out of app and the music keeps playing. The pause button won't work. Then when it does it's delayed by 10 seconds or more. An even BIGGER issue is that I used to play music through my Bluetooth Peachtree Audio Deep Blue speaker and now I can't get the speaker to connect via Bluetooth. Does Spotify block Bluetooth? The speaker is useless now! I used Google Music, ITunes and Amazon Music with no problem and now that I installed Spotify, nothing works. wth guys?



2 Replies

Really? Nobody can help?

Anyone? Spotify? Bueller? Does anyone work for Spotify on this board? I need help!

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