Spotify iOS App Cleaning

Spotify iOS App Cleaning

I am on iOS 5.1. Every so often (every other month) the Spotify will say "Cleaning..." and I'll have lost all my offline playlists. I'll have to set them all to Offline and then spend several hours tapping the iPhone screen to prevent it going to sleep, so it can download all the music again. Will the Spotify developers be changing the behaviour of the application so it doesn't clean out the cache on a regular basis? 

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I would set the autolock on the screen to never while you wait for your playlist to download so the screen doesn't turn off. This happens when your iPhone gets full it clears the app to make room for other stuff.

Thanks - just turned off Autolock. 


Have also found this on Google


so it's not the app developer's fault nor is it under their control. Apple trying to be 'helpful', which backfires when it clears out the cache on apps that depend on it. 

Spotify needs to redesign their app to place the offline files in another folder but please don't let them do that because it might start a completely downfall of their app as they seem to have issues with coding and developement if you look at the Extreme reverts to HQ thread.

From reading that URL it seems there is no folder available that isn't immune to iOS5's silent cleaning function. So I don't think Spotify developers can do anything about it. Unless the information in the linked webpage is incorrect and Spotify care to comment. 

UPDATE: In iOS 5.0.1, Apple has added a method for developers to mark files outside of Caches and tmp as “do not back up”. Presumably, once developers adopt this as necessary, this problem should be solved.

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