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Spotify iOS app eats up more and more storage space over time

Spotify iOS app eats up more and more storage space over time

I'm encountering what seems to be a bug with the iOS Spotify app. I have only one playlist that I have downloaded for offline use with about 110 songs. I've gone through several repetitions of the following. 1. Spotify says it won't download any more songs because I have insufficient space on my iPad. 2. I check the storage, and Spotify is taking up roughly 4.8 GB of data. I delete the app and reinstall. 3. After reinstalling, I redownload the one playlist and check the storage space the Spotify app is using. It is generally about a few hundred MB. 4. The amount of space the Spotify app takes up on my phone grows slowly over time until it has consumed all the remaining space on my iPad. 5. I repeat by reinstalling the app, the process continues. It is really annoying to have to re-download the app every few months. As mentioned, the app seems to slowly consume all the leftover space in my iPad (way more than the size of the songs I've downloaded), and the only way I have found to clear the space is to delete and reinstall the app. Is Spotify storing and not deleting other songs that I listen to while on Wifi into some kind of cache, and then not ever clearing or deleting this cache? Can you all allow us to set some kind of maximum cap on this cache so that Spotify will automatically delete old data from the cache as that space is maximized?


I am posting this mostly so the programmers will hopefully see it and fix the bug.  If there is a better place to post this, please let me know.

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I've reposted this in the ideas section.  If you are experiencing the same issue, please vote for it so Spotify will take note and fix the issue!

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