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Spotify iPhone app will not stop playing new age jam even when I select another song

Spotify iPhone app will not stop playing new age jam even when I select another song

Gawd, I feel like someone is playing a cruel trick on me! Every time I open the Spotify app on my iphone it immediately starts playing some new age hippy jam by some artist called Hienpuicakiiis who I've never heard of and definitely didn't select on purpose. That would be okay except for the fact that when I select literally any other song on Spotify, one from my daily mix for instance it will play that song that I've selected for a few seconds or so, sometimes as much as about 30 seconds and then will instantly switch back to the new age hippy jam again! And then when I stop the song from playing and just let it sit there it will start up playing the song again without me even touching it! What the heck.....

Is this a cache thing, is there a cache I have to clear somewhere to get rid of this song it has stuck in it's memory? I've tried deleting the app from my phone, then restarted the phone and re-downloaded the app and as soon as I re-launch the app it started playing the stupid song again, agggggghhhhh! 

Someone please help, if I have to be forced to listen to any more flute and harp I'm gonna go out of my mind!








iPhone XR IOS 13.3




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Hey @ampnerd,


Thanks for reaching out about this here in the Community and welcome.


If you've come across music unexpectedly played with your Spotify, it'd be good to make sure no one is accessing your account in an unauthorized way.


For this purpose, it'd be great to bookmark and follow the steps in this support page article as well as this one since they feature some essential info regarding how to keep the safety of your account up-to-date.


Hope you'll find this useful. We'll keep an eye on your reply in case there's anything else we can help with!

Mario Moderator
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