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Spotify ios 4 still not working !

Spotify ios 4 still not working !

Hello all,


I'm usually happy to see problems self resolve with time, but this had been dragging on too long... I can't use my iphone 3G to listen to Spotify anymore (it's been a few months now), it just quits during the first song ! Used to work fine.


I do use Spotify on my ipad 2 without any issues, but paying the premium subscription for just the ipad is way too much. Is this issue going to be corrected or do I just need to pack my bags and move to a different service ? That would be a shame because I'm pleased with Spotify desktop and ipad, but I'm not fond of paying for a broken product.


Thanks for taking this request seriously, I'm not the only one waiting for a simple fix.



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Wow, so many answers... (sarcasm)


I've spent hours in this and other forums trying to find people that have solved the issue, the only thing I've come up with is downgrading to Spotify 0.4.13 which I had to push in by jailbreaking my iphone 3G (I have no other reason to jailbreak).

0.4.13 is lacking many of the the improvements the current version has, most importantly remembering what song I was listening to before closing and playlist folders.


Since I'm now jailbroken, I do see a cheaper and more reliable solution: starts with "Groove", ends with "shark", and works flawlessly so far (I'm in their 14 day free trial for the ios app).

If I get no solid solution here from Spotify within my 14 day trial, I'm going to drop my subscription... which is sad since I've been a faithfull user and advocate of Spotify since before there was even a paying version.


Please don't push your older iphone users away!



I'm new to this but my playlist I made online won't sync with the app on my iphone

HI. There are a couple of FAQs which are worth glancing at, one for listening offline and the other for listening to local files. Maybe take a look then ask if you need more help 🙂

Are you also using an iPhone 4? Did you download the Spotify app specifically for iOS 4 in the App Store?

I have an older ipod touch with the ios 4 spotify software installed.  It only plays about 20 seconds of music at any given point.  I move the dot along, another 20 seconds of music.  Even songs I have downloaded to the device.  I'm pretty pissed as I PAY for this to be a service.  If you have stopped supporting older generations you should let people know so they can stop being charged for a service they are not longer able to use.

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