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Spotify issues on Apple Watch

Spotify issues on Apple Watch






Apple Watch 6 GPS

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A few big issues with Spotify on the Apple Watch:


I have the GPS one, not cellular. Downloading to the watch took several tries. I had to uninstall both apps (watch and phone) about 10 times to get it working. Then found you can only send one playlist at-a-time. If you try to push too much too quickly it freezes up. So there is some issue sending playlists concurrently. That needs to be fixed.


Second, if the watch app crashes (or your watch does), when you restart Spotify the playlists are empty until you get on WIFI. This happened in the middle of a run, and then I had no music.


Third, you cannot switch playlist when you are not on WIFI. This really sucks!!! It gives the error "Something went wrong, check your connection and try again".


Spotify needs to be more solid when not on the WIFI. I am using on the watch obviously when I don't have a phone or wifi. So it needs to be allowed to switch playlists, or restart, without issues when offline. Currently, these issues are a pretty big deal and shocked more aren't complaining about this.


Please fix these issues.


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Hi there @byoder77,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community and welcome!


Downloading multiple playlists shouldn't crash the app and you should still be able to find your playlists after a restart or force quit, even if not connected to WiFi.


You should also be able to switch playlists when not connected to WiFi by swiping to the left menu >  Downloads.


First up, make sure that there aren't any pending updates for both the app and the OS in your phone and watch. Also, try turning “Show app on Apple Watch” off in the watch app for Spotify on your iPhone > restarting your iPhone and Apple Watch > turning it on again.


Lastly, try this when using a different WiFi network to see if that makes any difference.


Keep us posted on how it goes.

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