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Spotify keeps crashing while playing songs!

Spotify keeps crashing while playing songs!

So i got premuim so that i could use spotify on my Ipod Touch 2g 4.2.1, with spotify for IOS4, on the go. Avarage it crashed after 1-4 songs, so i restored the ipod to speed it up a bit, and it did. Spotify now crashes after about 8 songs. I know why the app is crashing, my ipod runs out of memory and spotify crashes. I do not use anything like backgrounder and Spotify is the only app i am running. This is a big problem for me as i cant stop every 10mins to start Spotify while driving bike. The songs are downloaded and played while in offline mode, and i use high quality. I dont understand how Spotify eats up the memory like that, does it keep the songs in the memory or what?

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You should try SBSettings from cydia.

It can show your free memory in the status bar.

It also lets you kill the music and video app that keep lingering.

It also has a free memory button which usually gives ups the free memory with 10 MB, but I am not sure how useful that button is.


For me it usually starts crashing when I start skipping a lot of songs. It has not happend in a while tho.

On my iPod 2g, spotify needs about 35 MB of memory. I just enabled it so I do not know what happends with the figure when the crash occurs.

Yea i got sbsettings 🙂 And i cant just watch the memory go down.. and down.. until 4 mb and crash 😕

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