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Spotify keeps playing Dutch music

Spotify keeps playing Dutch music

For the past year Spofity has kept adding Dutch music to my play list, either for songs that it plays after one of my albums has finished, or mixed in as part of my Daily Mixes. I'm not Dutch, and frankly prefer to listen to music in my own language, but there seems no way to prevent this happening. You can't banish songs permanently on desktop version that I am aware of. I know I can skip, but I have to do this every 30 minutes or so . . .


Until recently I had a premium account, but stopped that because Spotify doesn't seem to realise that people don't like to pay to be made to listen to music they don't like.


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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Community.

Hope you're doing great!

Could you try the steps from this article?


Let me know if that helps 🙂

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