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Spotify mobile isn't scrobbling

Spotify mobile isn't scrobbling

Since Spotify decided to put the scrobbling options directly on (previously the options were in the Spotify app itself) my scrobbles aren't being registered.

I've do everything that were suggested me (like disconnect and reconnect, delete the Spotify/ authorizations and log again, etc) but it simply doesn't work anymore. The song that I am listening shows up at my profile but when it changes to the next song, the previous song is not being registered. After I delete the authorizations (like I said I did) and logged again, the songs aren't even showed on my profile anymore.

I don't know what to do anymore, Spotify mobile became useless to me after the update. (the desktop version has a similar problem, the difference is that I have to log in and log out from Spotify on the site to be abble to scrobble everytime I’m going to use the desktop version)

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