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Spotify never works first time on Apple CarPlay


Spotify never works first time on Apple CarPlay

Whenever I load it up and try to play a song it shows the play button and the forwards and backwards arrows either side, but doesn't play the song. I have to close the app and start it on my phone for it to then play. Considering I've seen posts about this dating back October last year, why the hell isn't it fixed? I love spotify apart from this but it's vital it works first time, especially when driving. Tempted to try Apple Music....


How many others have experienced this?

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I think I've found some possible solution. I always seems to be using the mobile with a USB cable, but the other day I tried using Bluetooth only. So the first time I had to synchronize the mobile with the car. After doing this, every time I connect the USB cable, the music starts a lot faster than before.


Let me know.


Citroen C3

Spotify Premium

Iphone - Apple Car

Spotify is NOT customer-friendly.


Its really danger too use spotify in car!


I write a lot of emails with support, but sorry, they are really stupid.


They ask me all the time: did you reboot your iphone, did you install the newest updates blablabla..


Apple was a little bit more friendly, they ask me for a video in car, when i have the problems with spotify.


The engineers from apple has check the problem, and they say to me its just a spotify problem, they cant nothing do..


But spotiy have no solution, they are just ignorant!


Spotifx accept it, in such a dangerous area as in road traffic, that u must use ur phone, if you want to listen music.



I was over 3 months in support with spotify, but they do really really nothing, all time the same problem, and the same stupid questions..


I can not understand this!


-a annoyed user-



sry for my english.



Same here, iPhone 6s, iOS 10.3.3, Seat Leon 2017. 


Interesting post from jojoman, saying that Apple looked into this and is saying that the Spotify app must be the source of this issue.


I've tried the Spotify Facebook Support myself and I have to agree with you: They obviously don't want to help with this issue. After I had described the problem, I had the feeling that I've just talked to 4-5 different persons in the FB chat. But always the same answer: It can't be Spotify, must be Apple or the car manufacturer, get a firmware update for your car. Even after I referred to this thread where people with all sorts of cars described the same issue. 


It seems to me, that Carplay doesn't really bother Spotify. I don't know. This is very annoying. And as already mentioned: It's pretty dangerous! I just checked out Amazon Unlimited and there where no such issues. Maybe I should stick with this.. 

Exactly: I have no issues with Amazon Unlimited or Apple Music at all. Seems like not only Spotify’s programmers are incompetent but also the so-called „support team“ is a bunch of lyers searching scapegoats elsewhere. Shame on you, Spotify!

This has been annoying the **bleep** out of my for over a year now. It's not a solution if it's blatantly just a work around. I find selecting CarPlay, then media on my Audi and then back to CarPlay normally works but sometimes it plays at double speed or just won't click in right at all.


It works without CarPlay via Bluetooth but then I can't charge my phone or use CarPlay controls which makes CarPlay pointless. Third world issues and all that but it still would be nice if the things we bought worked as you expected without using a work around on a subscription service. 

I too have this;


2017 Audi A3

iPhone 7 Plus

IOS 11.0.2


So annoying. Would love to switch to Apple Music but use Spotify Family with family members that don't own Apple products.


Spotify please sort this out, Amazon and Apple seem to function with no issues.

Same problem with Peugeot 3008 Gt Line 2017.

iPhone 5S


I tried various cables including genuine Apple, no change. 

It seems Spotify aren’t interested in addressing this. It is 2017 - my music apps should work in my car, I should be able to use voice control to play the music I want - Spotify can’t deliver on either of these & no representatives of the company seem to care or even give us a sliver of hope that this might change. 


It it is with a heavy heart I will have to concede to Apple Music. Bye bye Spotify. 😓

I have a 2017 Volvo V90 and the reliablity and usablity (safety) of Spotify carplay is shocking.

  • FIrstly carplay in general is very unreliable - 50% of journeys are completed with no music!
  • Secondly the Spotify app takes ages to load, if at all.
  • Finaly the navigation is not nearly as good as Apple Music (i.e. no keypad to select artist). As such I'm switching to Apple Music as it works (better) and is safer to navigate

Spotify do really nothing to fix the problem!




Since over 1 year im in support with this comic figures, they all time say next update.


Not an update fixed the bug!


I quit spotify and change to Apple Music, it works all time in car!



When the first accident happens, maybe they'll do something about it.





I have a 2017 Amarok same Problem with Spotify, It really is **bleep**. Since reading all the negative posts with the same problem as me i will dump Spotify and get apple music sounds like the only way to fix my problem.

At least I see I’m not alone. Kia Sportage GT Line with an iPhone 6. Everything works fabulously with CarPlay except for Spotify. I actually managed to get it ruining pretty quickly the other day (while putting my life at risk on the highway I may add) but then the songs started playing at a higher speed. The difficult part came when the stop button wouldn’t respond and I had to listen to Immigrant Song at full blast and at a higher speed, which was horrible! I had to unplug the phone to get it to stop…


Apple Music it is since I’ve been trying their free trial and it works like a charm.


Also for those that believe in conspiracy theories. I’ve tried Spotify CarPlay with an Android phone and the issues persisted. So sadly this isn’t an IOS only problem.


Fortunately this trick works perfectly :

- before connecting your phone to the car, launch Spotify. It must be the active app.
- then, only, connect to CarPlay.

Another trick :

- CarPlay usually sees only the last 200 tracks in a playlist.
- if you play a title in a playlist from the device instead of the CarPlay screen, all playlist tracks are seen by the car 🙂


I was experiencing this problem (see my previous posts) but since I upgraded to iOS 11 and changed iPhone to iPhone 8 I haven't seen it again. Just to note, I didn't change the phone because of this issue. Hope it does disappear for you as well.


iPhone 8 iOS 11.2.5 

Spotify 8.4.38

VW Touran 2016




Since last updates (iOS and Spotify) the system of my car (Seat Leon 2006) works very well. Sometimes that's some little problems, but if I connect my iPhone 7 another time works all very well. I hope that Spotify will do new updates to improve his app. THANKS SPOTIFY!!!

Bull**bleep**, they change NOTHING!


I have alltime the same problem, Support didnt answer anymore!

Since over 1 year, they will fix the problem, but they do NOTHING!


F*** Spotify!

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