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Spotify not playing on iOS Safari

Spotify not playing on iOS Safari






iPhone 6

Operating System

iOS 13.6.1


My Question or Issue

i am unable to listen to music through my Safari web browser anymore. I normally listen to it through the web browser and not the app, and would like to have it fixed.


So basically what happens is that there is a blank white screen where the playlist is supposed to be. I can scroll down and there is a black screen, but there’s no font or writing.


To describe it in more detail. I will get on Safari, go to Spotify like normal. When I’m on the Spotify home page, everything looks fine. I will click on “Listen to Spotify,” to take me to my profile, and there’s nothing there. There is a blank white screen. I can scroll down and there is black, like the bqckground of the Spotify menu. There isn’t any font or writing I can click on to listen to music.


i would prefer to keep the web browser instead of using the app. I use a service called lastfm that keeps track of all my listening habits. And I can sync my Spotify listening through the app. I can do it through Internet browser like Safari.


please help me.

Thank you!


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Hey @PapaSmurfIIIVIII,

Would you mind opening Spotify via an incognito Safari window, using these steps :?
If this works, the issue is most likely related to the browser cache.

Let us know how it goes!
Tip: Any screenshots are always appreciated.


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By the way, you can also scrobble your Spotify listening with the Spotify iOS app, as the scrobbling feature in your connected apps works independently from your device via web API connection of both accounts:


I just could open the URL for the Spotify web player on my old iPhone 6s Plus with latest iOS 15.6 without problems, it looks and acts like on my Windows desktop computer:


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