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Spotify on Iphone

Spotify on Iphone

For some reason (and it's REALLY starting to **bleep** me off quite a bit) I'll be listening to my own playlist that I created, and when the playlist is over (let's just call this playlist 1) it, for some unknown reason, merges with a radio station called playlist 1 as well, but has none of the same songs, just similar artists. I can't seem to get it to stop either, I used to listen all the time while I fall asleep, but for it to continue to play for 8+ hours while I sleep is accessive.
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First picture is my playlist fully loaded, that's the last song on it. The 2nd picture (which is the first song on the playlist) shows up, but then suddenly disappears and is replaced by what's in the 3rd picture. I have no idea what that song even is ive never heard it before nor have I ever even looked up Gucci Mane on Spotify

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