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Spotify on iPhone not working 4th of July 2013

Spotify on iPhone not working 4th of July 2013

Is there a problem with spotify today? It's not working all. Deleted and reinstalled the app and still nothing. Search isn't working, radio stations not playing...
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I moved your post over to the iOS boards to keep things tidy but the issue at our end should now be fixed. Can you try logging out and back in?


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I'm a premium member and I'm getting the free service today what's going on?!

I have the same problem, just my Spotify ain't even opening itself on my Iphone anymore after the newest update install. Worked perfectly fine on 2nd of July. but when I downloaded the new update for Spotify yesterday it hasn't worked at all after that. It's not even opening the app anymore. 


When I press the spotify button to open itself, it starts opening, but it never opens the Spotify it just goes to beginning like i've never even tried to open the Spotify app, the startup just "vanishes off", strange. It's really bugging me since i'm a heavy heavy daily user of Spotify and been for years now and something like this has never happened before.


Is there some common problem with the newest update or are we just the only ones having not functioning Spotify? I've tried to remove the app, closed off the Iphone, and downloaded the app again but still the same problem. It's not working at all now, doesn't even open the application.


I'm having the same issue. Started having issues opening the app after the update. As a work around, I ended up downloading the Spotify for iOS4 app. All my playlist were still there and I didn't have any issues opening the app. It's bugs me, though that I can't open the updated version.

I woke up early today, it was around 6am that I was having trouble. Around 7 it the issue seemed to be resolving. Everything seems to be good to go now. Hope everything's working fine for everyone else today. Happy 4th!🎇🎆

Hi there,

Got the same problem with the latest update...

I'm a Premium member and can't use Spotify for almost 3 days now...

I'm a premium member and I'm having the same issue. I really miss my music!!

Same here. The app won't even start up after the latest update!

I've got the same problem.


Ik kan sinds de nieuwe update spotify niet meer via het Fiat B&M systeem afspelen.

I 've got a fiat punto from 2012 with a B&M systeem.  

I just downgraded my subscription and deleted my phone app because it won't even open anymore. I'm not going to pay $10 a month for features that don't work.

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