Spotify on more than one device - add't sub' paid

Spotify on more than one device - add't sub' paid

Hi, I'm new to the community, on my phone and haven't really searched for an answer. So apologies if this has been covered before...

Anyway, well over a month ago I upgraded my premium package so that I could hear on an additional device. I share Spotify with my son and his taste in music is, well, his taste in music! However, I've still got a problem re one dominant user. He's on Spotify my tracks are paused and vice versa. Is there something I've not done with settings or whatever? Any help would be appreciated. The alternative is to save myself a few quid and go back to my old plan. Cheers
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Hi Mel,


Sorry to hear you're having issues. Spotify Premium doesn't allow simulatneous playback of different songs on different devices. A list of the premium advantages can he found here:


You may however be able to achive this by using the offline listening feature. If your son downloads his songs by selecting Available Offline on his playlists when using his device, this will allow him to listen to the songs without an internet connection. When he listens to them, he should make sure he has no internet connection (WiFi or Cellular). To do this, you could simply use airplane mode on a phone. This will avoid Spotify recognising multiple devices simultanously. (could be done visa versa with you downloading your songs too)


This will be a pain to continue to do, so I recommend looking into the family plan. which allows you and your 5 other family members to all of the premium features with separate accounts for the cost of one and half premium accounts.


Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription and use the free service with ads as you were before. In any case, I recommend using separate accounts for you and your son. It will be very easy to transfer playlists between the accounts using public playlists.


If you need any more help please ask.

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