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Spotify perfernces

Spotify perfernces

Hi guys. So finally I got my Spotify account in Israel and I’m thrilled! Three problems though: 

1. Where’s the radio option? 

2. Lyrics - it shows me lyrics and song facts at the same time. How can I watch lyrics only? 

3. Preferences - almost all of my  recommendions are Israeli music, but I don’t like Israeli music and I haven’t picked it when I first started my account. Any solutions?


thanks so much! 🙂

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1. Start "Radio Station" is only available in some countries for mobile devices, at least for iDevices (iPhone&iPad)

I'am from Romania and I'am missing too these feature. This is the answer from Spotify chat support, 3 hours ago:

-"Currently, the Spotify Radio feature is not available in your country, but I'll make sure to take note here that you'd like to have this feature."

-"You can also add suggestions to our Community ideas board: 

Ideas that reach 100 votes are reviewed monthly, so be sure to keep an eye on the status of your idea."

Thank you! Any help with the other problems pls? 🙂

you're welcome, sorry, I'm a beginner, Spotify is available in Romania from 3 weeks ago...  🙂

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