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Spotify premium isn't working

Spotify premium isn't working

Hey, I just signed up for spotify premium and my account status says I have premium until 2013-08-01but my iPhone is not recognizing the benefits. So I can't play any songs and I still have ads when I listen on my computer. 

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There is so many customers all around the world and they all are purchased good product; Spotify Premium and at the same time:)) It's very funny thing for servers:))

Just allow some minutes or hours, Premium should be yours soon.

I've done the same thing, Purchased premium earlier tonight, the website keeps telling me i've an active premium account, but the desktop app hasn't shown it, even once i've logged in and out multiple times using my spotify details. And on mobile too, keeps telling me I have to have a premium account to stream off it, but i've got one! 

It's so frustrating, i'm paying for premium, but i'm not getting it...

Sorry for this.

I can promise, you get your Premium soon. Wait for good!

Please turn around and ask if you have some questions. I will help you, my friend.

I just signed up for the 30 day free trial and entered my Credit Card information. I am logging in from my iPhone and I get the message "Only Premium users can stream on demand". Can I get extra days on my free trial since I have not been able to use the Premium??

Hey there, thanks for question.

You can ask possible solution to this using Contact form in About page.


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