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Spotify premium not working on my iPhone!

Spotify premium not working on my iPhone!

Plz help.

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Go to your profile here on the Spotify website to verify you are subscribed to Spotify Premium. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the update in the subscription status to synchronize across all of your devices.


Try signing out of the Spotify application completely, removing it from your device, clear your device's cache (if applicable), reboot your device, and install the Spotify software one more time.


Lemme know if this worked. :).

i have been paying £9.99 for over a year and now it says i need premium to access my music!! I am fuming and want an explanation! Even the subscription on here says i am using the free service but then my receipts just underneath saying its free is a list of £9.99 taken out my bank!!


I need help, i have a party tonight and was relying on my spotify!?





Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


If you can log in and view your receipts, and it says your account is on Spotify free then it sounds like your most recent payment failed for whatever reason. Have a look in your emails since you get an email when a payment fails. Just resubscribe from your online account and you will be back on premium in no time. 



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