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Spotify premium

I have been paying for spotify for a few months now and has been working fine but when I tried to play music yesterday it said I have to update to premium, I did this but now it is only letting me shuffle my music and not letting me just select one song?? Why is it doing this!
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First of all, to start the playback of a playlist without shuffling, you need to click on the first track of the album/playlist and do not click on the shuffle button on top of an album/playlist.
If the shuffle function is already activated in your settings, you need to uncheck it. To do that, click on the album cover art of the current song at the bottom of the screen and the music player will pop up. You can find 2 arrow icons next to the other player buttons. Click on the green shuffle icon until it turns grey, see here (it's the green one):




Sorry if you already knew that and it's still not working. In that case I'd try to logout and back in.