Spotify running and other new features not available on latest version

Spotify running and other new features not available on latest version

I want to use the new running feature but apparently it's only available to some users? Why is this? I pay for premium and can't get the new features that were supposedly released 9 days ago. I have uninstalled and reinstalled app 3 times. I am in the US. Online, everything I've found says the new app with the new features should be available to all iOS users as of more than a week ago. If it's a limited release, why not simply say that so users don't spend a huge amount of time trying to determine if they're having an issue downloading the latest version, or something like that.


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I only got the new running feature pushed to my phone yesterday. If I had to bet, I'd say this is more an issue with Apple and the App Store than it is with Spotify. 


That said, you've tried uninstalling the app, but have you tried turning off your phone? Sometimes this can help push updates through the App Store. My suggestion would be to uninstall, turn your phone off for a bit of time, and then turn it back on and install it clean. If that doesn't work then you're really just left with waiting. If there's someone more iPhone savvy out there please correct me, but as far as my knowledge goes this is it. 


Sorry I didn't have a better solution. 😞

I actually did try that. I unistalled, powered off the phone and then when I turned it on again I tried to reinstall the app. That's why I was so confused. If some people (like you) are getting the new features and I'm not, I can't figure out any other factor unique to me that might make it so I don't get them. All I can determine is that it wasn't a universal release. In that case, I just wish Spotify would say, "PS it's only available to some people for now." That would have saved me 1.5 hours of troubleshooting my iPhone thinking I'd done something wrong. 


But thanks for your help, I appreciate it!

I haven't heard anything about it being a limited release, so I'm really leaning towards this being an issue with the App Store, since that's the only way I can explain why some people got it day one, I only got it yesterday, and you still haven't gotten it. It may be something with Spotify, but I'm really doubting that. Either way, sorry again, and hopefully you get it soon!

I too had the same problem searching everywhere online and finally saw someone from the spotify team post up something saying it's bring slowly rolled out. i think after my month is done i'm also done with spotify.

Running is still being rolled out to all users. Hopefully you will have it soon.

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"Soon" It's been "soon" for the past two weeks. 

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