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Spotify screwed up on ipad more than iphone going back to previous version

Spotify screwed up on ipad more than iphone going back to previous version

My ipad started slooowing down. I could not even go to the web. The battery life on my ipad was sucked dry, etc.
I tried all the standard suggestion resetting setting, etc. no luck. For some strange reason even though I am not using this app my system was running slow as soon as I deleted this app everything is running fast now.
One suggestion is that Spotify could send to Apple the previous version as an update. We users might have to delete the current version to reinstall the update/previous version but Spotify should know what we need to perform. I want the olde spotify until a major fix is made. I believe my similar issues on my iPhone are probably cased by the Spotify app. Please, please allow us to download the previous version which worked perfectly for me.

John Gerard
1 Reply

Spotify being on your iPad won't slow anything down if the app is closed (double-click Home, hold-click apps). In any case, restarting by holding Home + Lock for 10 seconds should help with performance problems.


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