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Spotify shuts down on iPod Touch spontaneously

Spotify shuts down on iPod Touch spontaneously

I have used spotify premium for a few days on my iPod touch in a dock speaker.


Several times a day the Spotify app shut down, often in the middle of a song, without any warning wse.

The app is easily started again, but shuts down again within 10 minutes.....


Any help is appreciated.

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I have THE Same problem, on iPod touch, recently updated iOS and reinstalled spotify but problem is not solved.... And help is welcome. Wieger

The same thing happens on my iPhone when connected to my dock (not sure it happens when not connected).  After it has shut down, I turn the app back on.  It then says "spotify is offline" and goes through a logging in process, returning me to a few songs prior to what I was listening to when it shut down.


Can anyone help with this?

The same on Android

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