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Spotify stops playing at the end of every synced song (Local Files)

Spotify stops playing at the end of every synced song (Local Files)

Every time I listen to a locally synced song (songs transfered to Spotify trough my computer) on my iPhone it plays the whole song but it never continues to the next song. It just stops. There is no such problem when I listen to music that is from Spotify.

Even if there are mixed song in a playlist the playlist stops after it has played one of the locally synced files. Even though there is a Spotify song after it. You have to manually press the "next" button.

I have tried to resync the songs, reinstall Spotify and even reinstall my iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1), but nothing seems to help.

I have Premium account.

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 Hey Asaliii


Does this happen on desktop too, or just your iPhone? 


Also, is this on Wi-Fi or not?


It is only on iPhone I have this problem.

I have this problem both with WiFi on or off.

The songs just reach the end and it just stops but the Play/Pause button shows that it is still playing (showing the pause sign). If you press the Pause button it will change to Play button and if you press it again it start the song from the beginning. You have to manually press the Next button to play the next song.



I've had the same problem for about 6 months now. Very very annoying. I've got an iPhone 4S running iOS 7 and the latest version of spotify. Can recreate the problems every time. There have been several threads including:

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