Spotify stops playing between each song.

Spotify stops playing between each song.




Starting this morning, I began having a problem with the iPhone spotify app STOPPING BETWEEN EACH SONG played in a playlist. At the end of each song the album artwork changes and the new status bar comes up but the small circle never showsup at the beginning of the bar. If I forward to the next track it will begin playing right away but it will again stop before the next song plays.


I have a premium account, and I am running iOS 5.1.1 on an iPhone 4. 

I have enabled and disabled gapless playback as well as enabled and disabled crossfade. I have also turned offline mode on and off. So far, as of this morning (yesterday it was fine) this is occuring on all my playlists. I have the newest spotify which was installed 3 days ago. No problems over the past 3 days.


I have had no problems until this point.


Thank you!




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Having the same problem here, almost all day. Using Sonos generally to listen on my stereo, thought it was an issue there but stand alone Spotify on my Macbook is also having the same issue. Internet connection is just fine, thus don't know what i can do about this one.

Same here. Have to hit back-next.

Found a solution. Dont know how permanent it is because I'm not sure what initially caused the problem and it may revert back But i essentially uninstalled the app, did a hard reset on the phone, and reinstalled. So far so good.


Some problem, gonna try this now.


It worked! Yay

UPDATE - the solution I found worked off and on for a few days but it's back.

I was able to figure out that this only occurs with streaming tracks. Could this be a problem on spotifys end or is it on mine?

Moderators, I would appreciate your feedback. I love the concept of your service but unfortunately if it remains buggy like this it won't be worth my premium membership as this is not the only problem I have found and spend as much time looking through the forums for help as I do actually listening.

Thank you


I'm having the same problem. Possible solutions I've tried as suggested by moderators on other threads:


- Turn off gapless playback and set a crossfade of 4-5 seconds.

- Change your streaming quality from the lowest to highest (or highest to lowest, depending on your current settings) and play a few songs. Then switch back to your desired streaming quality.

- Hard reset and reinstall the app.


Maybe those suggestions will help you guys but they haven't been much use to me. Turning off gapless playback and enabling a crossfade doesn't If I switch to the highest quality playback Spotify will work properly. That's not realistic to maintain due to possible data overages. When I switch back to normal streaming quality the problem returns. The hard reset/reinstall option doesn't change anything either.


Has anyone discovered a better solution?


Thanks I will try the suggestions.


I do want to point out that I am running an iPhone4 with most current iOS and an iMac with Lion. All my hardware and software is optimized. My WIFI is off the chain too. I run streaming netflix and hulu all the time.


To put it simply my hardware and software should run ANYTHING without problem. Usually when stuff goes wrong it's not on my end, and if it easy theres some setting i can use to fix it. Either need help finding the setting or Spotify needs to get their ducks in a row.


Love love love Spotify when its working smoothly. When it doesn't it's utter trash. So far it's been 40/60.




Same problem here!


I bought a Premium Account this morning and the first I see it's a troubble! It's so disgusting.



I just bought premium as well, and I have to go to the iphone every time a song ends just to play the next one.  What in the hell???  This far along in spotify versions.....and it can't play the next song?  That's what the whole service is....playing songs.....


i'm having the same issue. i got a tweet back from @spotifycares and they suggest uninstall / reinstall which i did and it didn't even fix it for a minute. also, 9 times out of 10 this happens - but about once a week it works fine. what gives sportify? don't want to cancel but this is really broken and it seems next to impossible to get an answer from you guys. how do i open a ticket for support? does that even exist? whole reason i signed up was to have mobile access. otherwise, i'll just go back to listening for free at work and itunes when i'm on the go. please let us know what the deal is!


Same problem here, what's the point of Premium?!


Is anyone from Spotify even reading this????????????????????????????????


A response or acknowledgement would be nice.

Spotify works seamlessly on my phone but only if I'm streaming the highest quality. For obvious data reasons I can only do that while connected to wifi which pretty much eliminates the mobile aspect of Spotify's service. Needless to say this is a major bummer.

I just submitted a support request trough the Spotify website. You all should do the same and maybe we'll get some assistance a bit sooner than simply posting on the message boards. If you make a request and get a solution be sure to come back an share it here.


if i could figure out where to do that i would be happy to do so. perhaps you can post a link?

I've had the same problem for months. I've found that it only happens when 'Normal' streaming is turned on. Set it to 'High' or 'Extreme' streaming, and the problem goes away. It's still a concern that Spotify haven't fixed this yet, though.


I started having these issues after the latest patch. And it's as you say, one day it works flawless. Next day i have to press back-next everytime. Its **bleep** annoying. No support, no fix. Is this what i'm paying for as a premium user? This should be an easy fix. If not, they should aleast inform us. Had it for months!


I'm having the same issue. 

It seems like I'm another one of many unhappy spotify users who is getting frustrated with having to listen to one trak at a time. Like many others I'm thinking if it's not resolved soon, I'm going to swapify my spotify account back from premium to free. It's like playing one 7ins single at a time. Anyone got ny solutions?

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