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Spotify sync isn't working between iOS devices

Spotify sync isn't working between iOS devices



I am a premium user and have been for over two years. Recently been having very annoying sync issues when adding playlists / albums to iPad or iPhone.


Which ever device I choose to add the playlist or album to, the other device doesn't see the new addition.


For example: I add a new playlist to my iPad. I don't see it on the iPhone until I have removed the app, re-installed and logged on.


This happens when both devices are connected to the same wifi network.


Very annoying that I have to remove the app, re-install, log back in just for this to work.


When being charged £9.99 a month to use this service, does make you think there has got to be a fix out there or move to another service such as Apple Music.


Any suggestions would be very helpful including Spotify to announce fix \ new version.





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