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Spotify used 600mb of data?!

Spotify used 600mb of data?!

When I got the app. I downloaded all my songs to the storage using wifi. I listen to hours of music each day. And I pay for a subscription. I know spotify connects to the Internet to post Facebook stuff and what not. But I don't understand how in a month the app used 600mb of my data plan.
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Hi Ianianschroeder! You are correct about the Spotify app using data, however, your understanding of gigabytes vs megabytes may be slightly scewed. A Gigabyte aka 1 gb is 1,024 megabites. So 600 megabites is a little bit more than half of a Gigabyte of  cellular data. 1 gigabyte is normally the lowest quanty gigabyte available for your phone plan. So 600 mb is more than likely way less data than what you are actually allotted. If you're wondering where the megabytes came from in general: If you were downloading the songs and stepped out of range from a wifi signal the downloads probably continued on your cellular data. This could be where the megabytes originated. To conclude, if the music has been made "available offline" (aka downloaded to the internal storage of your phone), listening to that music uses no data. Hope this helps! 🙂

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