Spotify won’t play any playlists.

Spotify won’t play any playlists.

I’ve been trying to play my playlists (on mobile), but whenever I try to open them, a “Couldn’t open link” message appears. This also happens when I try to play playlists created by Spotify. I tried logging out, deleting the app, and restarting my phone (iPhone 😎 but nothing has worked. Please help!!

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I am having the same problem! So annoying! Also, why is there no where on here to report a bug/problem?!?!

The same thing is happening to me, it was working all day until the past hour. I have no clue what happened 

Ughhhh there must be some big glitch thingy happening rn

The same problem has just started for me as well (iPhone 8), I can still play artists and albums, and I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app, and signing out, but playlists still won’t work at all

Happening to me too! I'm guessing it's messing up for most people right now. I might just wait it out and see what happens.

I can go into Artists and Albums and play them so at least I got that..

Yeah nothings playing 55A13F3E-AAB2-4CFF-926B-71BDA7A788ED.png


Same here and it’s quite annoying, have tried everything even doing a software update for iOS but nothing. Must be a issue from the Spotify services. 

Me too! I don’t know what to do 

same here man

I’m having the same issue 😞

Having the same problem. I just want to jam a little, but it won't let me. I guess I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem...

this is happening to me too! ugh

The same thing is happening to me and it’s getting really annoying. I even made a new account to see if it had the same problem and it did. 

Same things happening to mine I tried everything too 

Same thing here. I can only play the playlist by Spotify, not that the ones I created. It was fine like 1 hour ago. 

This is happening with me too. It was working fine, and then all of the sudden I couldn’t access my playlists. I’m guessing that they’ll update with a bug fix at some point—hopefully soon.

I’m having same issue with my iPhone 8. I don’t know if it’s dpotif or Apple. But they need to fix it. I can play a album but not my playlists. HELP !!!!

It definitely is some sort of bug if so many of us are having the same issue, hopefully spotify will fix it soon!

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