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Spotify won't show up on lock screen


Spotify won't show up on lock screen

The spotify bar wont show up om my lock screen while playing music. It´s been this way since I downloaded the IOS 11 beta, but i just downloaded the official IOS 11 yesterday and it´s still not showing up. The only solution i´ve found is to restart the phone, but this is annoying and i shouldn´t have to do this every time. I´ve also tried to delete the app and download it again, but this doesn´t  work either. 

So the music is playing in the background, but it doesn´t seem like it´s "connecting" with the phone. 


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I had this problem too. Opening the music app then closing it (double-clicking home and swiping up) usually fixes the problem for me.

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Same problem here! It is so frustrating!

I am having the same exact problem 

Same. Needs to get fixed ASAP 

Having the exact same problem. SOOOO annoying.

Having the same issue here! Works on my iPad running iOS 11 but not on my phone. Checked with some colleagues who are experiencing the same issue. Tidal seems to be working fine though 😩 don’t want to switch!! Also when I playback with Bluetooth, the bluetooth device cannot skip tracks etc


I have the same problem. So, when my iphone is locked, i can't change volume or the song with my earPods.. 

It works on mine just fine but not my brothers. Can't turn up or down with phone locked. So annoying.

same issue here, if you restart the phone it works for a little bit maybe 5 hours then back to not working on the lock screen

this is ridiculous 

I have the same problem. It must be a bug with the new IOS.

I had the same problem as well. I downloaded the "update" for Ios 11 (which is 11.01 or something like that) and that's seemed to fix it so far. 

However, I play my spotify through a USB cable in my car normally. It always has worked perfectly fine, but ever since I've downloaded IOS 11 or higher it now just says "Media Connection Failed" whenever I try to play music through my car USB port. Suuuuper annoying.

Adding my name to the list of people that it doesn’t work for 🖐🏼

Same thing happening since I downloaded iOS 11 too. Can’t get music through my car at all and no longer shows on my lock screen. So frustrating especially when  you’re paying for something!!

Same over here! On rare occassions it seems to work but 90% of the time it doesn’t. Driving me crazy! 

I’ve found that if you close the music app or open and close the music app it fixes it for me. 

Hey, I tried what other folk have suggested and turned my phone off and on again, and it’s back to streaming through the car again, not sure how long it will last but better than nothing I guess!

My iPhone doesn't recognise Spotify on the lockscreen either or on the bit where you slide up, this is soooooo annoying

I’m having the same exact problem with exact same pathology, downloaded iOS 11 and the problems started 

Adding my name to the list of people this doesn’t work for. And the Bluetooth in my delivery van can not control songs anymore. Just ‘streams music’ 😩

For those of you having issues with it not showing up on your lock screen, find the update for iOS 11.0.1 which fixes bugs on the new operating system. I have the Spotify player on both my lock screen and when I swipe up after updating. Hope this helps, cheers.


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