Spotify won't sync local files from my iTunes playlist to my iphone 6 plus

Spotify won't sync local files from my iTunes playlist to my iphone 6 plus

My ocal files won't synch and kept on Pending.....

I have the latest version of spotify on both my phone and mac


I have added several files in my iTunes playlist (2 paid albums from 3rd party site) i included 3 screenshots (2 from my mac and 1 from my iphone) they are from my playlists on my iphone and from the files in the local files list on my mac and drom the section where to choose lists to sync. 


I hope i am clear. 

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-15 om 12.31.35.png
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There is currently a bug with the built in local files playlist.


First, create a new playlist and copy all the local files to the new playlist.


Then try syncing the new playlist. 


Does that work?

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I have this same problem with the latest update. And no, creating a new playlist and adding songs to that does NOT work.

Hi...I was having the same problem.  I looked in my 'local files' on Spotify and there were a few copies of the same song, some highlighted, some not. So I clicked the highlighted ones and added them to the same playlist and deleted the copies that wouldn't download.  Now they are working.  Not sure why this is.  ALSO, I selected all the songs in my playlist and selected 'consolidate files'.  Eventually, all the songs in my spotify on my mac highlighted (although there were still duplicate that remained grayed out) and I was able to manually add them back to the itunes playlist. Some or none of what I did may have affected it, but they're working now.  All software versions are the latest as of 10/22/15.

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