Strange layout? Read this!

Strange layout? Read this!

So, everyone! 


Spotify has suddenly decided to mess up the layout completely, we are missing a repeat button, our recents lists are gone, also the artist page is useless since the last update. 


Even worse, spotify has no customer service to reach out to! 

If you want to have this all back please support this vote:

And reply here to get this topic going and make sure spotify hears us! 


Thanks everyone! 



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I'm going to switch to a different service soon .this new layout is AWFUL for my user experience. I can't download all my music at once. I can't shuffle my downloaded songs unless I add them to a playlist (which is why l left Google music to return to Spotify). I can't scroll artists in offline mode except via the annoying albums tab. I returned to Spotify because previous experience was so great. They've ruined that with new update. I've cancelled my subscription and will renew if they address this.

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