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Strange playback behaviour (shuffle, queue, sequential playback)

Strange playback behaviour (shuffle, queue, sequential playback)



Hasn't Spotify app started behaving rather strangely???


1a. Sequential playback - when I click on sth, e.g. one of the popular tracks on the artist's page, app should play stuff sequentially starting from this track. It plays one track, then continues playing but tracks from the queue. Why??? 

1b. By the way, hasn't there been choice between normal and shuffle play in the past on the green button?


2. Random playback - when I press Shuffle Play app should randomly play tracks, but only from the tracks I see. Especially when I'm on the artist's main page, only tracks that are popular


3a. Play Queue - app seems to add stuff to my playing queue. That should not have happened. Only I add stuff to the play queue. App either plays randomly, so nothing should go to queue, or sequentially, also nothing should go there. Please stop messing up with my play queue.


3b. Play Queue - tracks that I have added disappear from the queue, when I stop playing, do sth else, then come back. However, tracks added by app do not disappear. LOL

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