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Suspected corrupted playlist data

Suspected corrupted playlist data



i currently have an issue on my iOS spotify. I see there an old playlist that I cannot delete. when I try to delete it the app simply crash! 

having a looAmon the forum I sunder stood that it should be a problem of corrupted data!


It's really annoying, can someone from spotify have a look at it. it starts being really annoying.


please key me know if you need any other information.




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I have the same problem. After the latest update Spotify re-created some of my old playlists on my iPod Touch. Furthermore, if I try to edit some of my playlists or create a new one, the application crashes. I've tried not only booting my device but also deleting and downloading the application, but nothing seems to work.


Help is truly needed right now!

It seems to be a known issue that needs an intervention from spotify directly.

so again, I'm asking anyone from spotify to please have a look at my account to check if there is any corruption.


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