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Swipe to queue on an artists page has unexpected behavior

Swipe to queue on an artists page has unexpected behavior




United States



iPhone 12

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iOS 15.6


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This issue has happened to me for almost a year, through multiple re-installs of the app. In the video I've attached, I'm swiping my finger directly right-to-left on the 3rd song, no up-and-down. But, Spotify queues other songs and the animation shows that other songs are being selected. Usually it goes away after queueing one song, but it happens 10% of the time I open an artists' page and try to queue a song. (Sorry about the loud audio in the video, couldn't figure out how to mute it)

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Hey @wesleyweisen,


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We weren't able to reproduce this issue on an iPhone. This makes us think the experience may be related to your particular device. Is it possible for you to try and reproduce it with your account on a different iPhone? Also try a different account on your iPhone.


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Hi @wesleyweisen,


I was not able to replicate this issue on my iPhone 11. I see in your video that the "Added to Queue" animation popped up one time, assuming that it was indeed added. Can you try navigating to your Queue and check to see what's there? I'm wondering if the songs are being added to the queue every time you swipe right but the animation just isn't showing up.

Further, try clearing your queue and then going back to the artists page and adding more songs to the queue to see if its changed anything.


Let me know how it goes!



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Queue 2.jpg

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