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Sync my local files to iphone 6 plus

Sync my local files to iphone 6 plus


I can't find anywhere where i can synd my phone to Spotify, on the computer i have local files but it is not in my phone, please help cause i can't use them in offline mode on the phone
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It should be sync

you should add the local tracks you want to sync into a new playlist


then make it available offline on your iPhone...

How do i add the local files to Spotify then? Cause yesterday tried that but my files on my comp did not, it wouldn't let me, and don't feel like paying for something that don't work

go to setting in desktop spotify app, add source(file folders) for local files.

The problem is that my phone don't sync with the local files on the comp, how do i sync my phone aswell, there is local files list in the phonespotify but its on 0 files

i think you misunderstan the 'local file' on you phone ,  loca files on the phone means ony your downloaded tracks on the phone. (offline available tracks)


to transfer local files on the computer, you should make them show on the 'local files'.


then add local tracks into a new playlist, when the new playlist shows up on your phone, switch the offline button, the tracks should be transfered rapidly.


the computer and the phone must share the same WIFI

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