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Synced iPod with Spotify and lost all my files

Synced iPod with Spotify and lost all my files

Hi everyone!

Well, first of all: I have an "old" iPod (Nano, 4th generation). I don't know if that might be involved with my problem.
So, I tried to sync my iPod with Spotify. Of course, Spotify asked me if I wanted to backup all my files, and I did that... or that's what I thought.
I can't find that backup. I have to assume that Spotify didn't backuped my files after all!
Thankfully, I have a backup of my iPod Library in another computer, so I can get my files back.

I'd like to know why is this happening, because I've read a few messages in the forum about this same problem. Maybe I've done something wrong, or this might be a bug or something like that.

Thank you (:

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