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Syncing local files

Syncing local files

Everywhere I've looked, I have found that in order to sync local files from your computer on to Spotify for playback on your iphone, you need to have your phone connected to the same wifi as your computer.  My laptop has for some unknown reason lost all wireless capabilities.  I have to walk across the room with my ethernet cable to connect to the printer, I can't connect to any wifi, it's a problem.  That being said, how can I listen to local files from my iTunes on my phone without having to have wifi access? The phone is connected to my wifi and my computer is connected to the ethernet.  I live in a dorm so I can't really adjust settings from the router or anything like that.

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Sorry, but in order to sync the local files to the mobile app, both your computer and phone have to both be on the same WiFi network. There is currently no other way to do this.


You could always hook up your phone to your computer via USB and use iTunes to sync your local files to the built in iPhone music app

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