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Syncing music offline on spotify version 2.8

Syncing music offline on spotify version 2.8

I am trying to sync my music offline on my iphone 6. I have the updated version of spotify, and not all the songs will sync.  The playlist says it available offline (the green arrow is next to the playlist), but yet all the songs are not synced.  Some of the songs have green arrows, but some do not have any arrows at all and when turned offline, I can still click the song, but no music will play.  I have tried resynicng the playlists multiple times and I have deleted and redownloaded the songs multiple times, but yet the songs will still not fully sync, I would say about 100 songs aren't syncing. Also there is no way I have 3,000 songs (or whatever the limit song is).

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I've experienced that as well. 


Have you tried to reinstall Spotify on your mobile device?

If my post solved your issue, please accept it as a solution.

Yes, multiple times

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