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Syncing my Ipos

Syncing my Ipos

I'm trying to sync my Ipod touch with Spotify but it won't work! I've tried to do everything that it tells me to but it still won't work. When I insert the USB cable my Ipod dosn't show up under devices and i brough the unlimeted and premium package and it still won't work! Please help? Also if i sync my Ipod with Spotify, would I be able to download music onto my Ipod? Please help me! I've tried everything!!

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If you have an iPod touch then you can download and install the Spotify application from the App store and access Spotify that way. You just need to sign in using the same details you use on the desktop version and all of your Spotify playlists will be there. You can also mark playlists for offline listening inside the Spotify application.

If you want to sync local files, then you need to follow the instructions here.




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