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Syncing offline files no longer working.

Syncing offline files no longer working.

I'm currently running app v. as a premium customer on an iPhone 4 and only over the last few weeks am expereincing issues when syncing offline playlists to this device both on my home Wi-Fi (BT) and my work wifi network (100Mbps Leased and connected at 20Mbps). On a playlist I may get one or two songs synced before it gets stuck on one song and stays like it (For example song has been syncing for 20 minutes next to me!). I've done the usual restart, close and reopen, refresh wifi with no effect. Not sure if a latest patch caused this issue but it's becoming annoying. If somebody has any thoughts it would be great to hear it! C

4 Replies

Same here, it seems like the problem started since last update.

Have the same problem. Somehow my iPhone wont show in Spotify.

So after four weeks it looks like there isn't an answer then?

I'm having the same problem.  I started a thread here with my specs and description


I am using  iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.3 Spotfiy Spotify Core


My iPhone is connected to a power source and charging.  I am connected to a WIFI with a strong connection.  My download quality is set to "extreme".  My internet connection is capable of > 1 Megabyte per second download speeds.  I have verified that the iPhone can download at high speed by testing another application.  Nothing else is running or downloading on my phone when I try to download a Spotify playlist.


The issue: it is unusably slow when streaming or downloading music from the Spotify library.  The problem is intermittent.  Sometimes it can download a 5 minute song in about 10 seconds.  Other times it takes >10 (or forever) to download a 5 minute song.  Obviously it cannot stream and play music that isn't already downloaded when the issue is occurring.


Please do not tell me to turn down my music quality, that is not an acceptible answer!  Right now I am streaming an ALAC via Dropbox no problem!


Love the app and the service, but please fix this issue.




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