Syncing offline playlist


Syncing offline playlist

I've recently gotten spotify premium and I've been trying to sync a playlist offline yet every time i do it, it abruptly stops syncing at around 600 songs, i've deleted and downloaded the app and started over again 3 times yet each time the amount of songs successfully synced gets lower, my internet is on full bars, i have plenty of storage and i made sure my phone screen doesn't sleep is there any way I can sync the rest of the playlist or have all of the songs available offline it's really disappointing that it stopped! Also the playlist doesn't exceed 2000 songs , if anyone can help i'll be super grateful! Thanks
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Hey @Haddouni That's not cool to hear!


Just to check, how much available space do you have on the device? We'd recommend at least 1gb+. Does a soft reset of the device help out (hold both the home and lock buttons together)?