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Syncing stops on iPhone after 10 gb Storage

Syncing stops on iPhone after 10 gb Storage

Hey Guys,

My iPhone stops syncing playlists after it reaches 10 gb of data volume on my storage.

Also the orange Icon appears.

I didnt find any other posts so hopefully its only my device and not some kind of rule of only allowing 10 gig of offline music.

Thanks for any help


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Orange icon? What orange icon do you speak of? And do your other apps take up a lot of space, because that could be why it only syncs 10 gb of music



I too cannot sync spotify to my iphone 4S. It downloads only 14 songs and then I get an orange exclamation point.  I have downloaded all 201 songs to my phone before so that they'd be available offline then two days ago I connected my iphone to my laptop and since then I've had this problem. How do I sync my songs again??

can you provide a screenshot of it?

The orange exclamation point is where the syncing stops.  I can't click on it or anything. What does it mean?




@jenn1314 - How much free storage space do you have on your device? 


@babomaxetfredo - 10GB is quite a few tracks, is it possible you have tried to sync more than the maximum of 3,333 tracks? 



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