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Syncing with Ipod Shuffle.

Syncing with Ipod Shuffle.

I just bought a couple of shuffles today with intentions of syncing them with my spotify account. After trying for a few hours I started to research the topic and apparently it is not possible. I pay $120.00 a year for this service and I can't use it on anything that can't carry the app..

Effing ridiculous. Will definitely be cancelling soon unless something is done about this. I could have spent $240 on iTunes cards instead of spotify for the past two years.. Can anyone shine some light on this subject?

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Sorry for your issues and problems. Devices require having the Spotify app on them in order to play the encrypted content that is downloaded for offline use. Now the Spotify app will work on the iPod touch I believe still, but you need an iPod touch that has iOS 7+ on it so double check before buying one if you consider that route to go. I do hope you bought the iPod suffels from somewhere with a good return policy? If not find someone looking for two brand new iPod suffle's to load iTunes music onto, that you can sell them to get your money back. Reset them back to factory though first before selling, and having the devices also removed from your iTunes Apple ID account page. Might have to go through Apple help support to get that all done. Just write that you are looking to upgrade to an iPod Touch and would like the devices removed from your registered Apple ID account. 


Again sorry for your issues. This article might help you in making device buying decisions here:!/article/spotifysystem-requirements



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