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TONS of Data Usage to Play Offline Songs

TONS of Data Usage to Play Offline Songs

Hi there, about 2 weeks ago, my phone started using TONS of data. I finally discovered that Spotify is the issue.


I am always careful to download albums/songs to Spotify while on Wifi before playing them if I'm leaving the house.



My Starred playlist is 100% downloaded to my phone. I just played 3 songs from my Starred playlist (again, both songs are downloaded to my phone), and my phone registers that Spotify has used 205MB of data in the last 10 minutes. I can go into Airplane mode and the songs keep playing (as proof that they are downloaded). What is Spotify using all this data for?


How can this be? Please help. I've had Spotify on my phone for about 4 years now and have never ever had this trouble.

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Hi. I am somewhat in the same situation as you. Do you have a lot of spotify playlists downloaded? If so, that may be the problem. Spotify playlists are regularly updated so your phone may be downloading new music using cellular. To make sure that your phone is not doing this, go into settings and make sure that the "download using cellular" option is turned off. Hope this helps!

Hi there, I'm sorry for my delay! I think your suggestion was basically on point. I did not have Spotify playlists downloaded, but I did have a ton of my own playlists downloaded, and it appears that Spotify recently took to reorganizing some of them. In particular, my "starred" playlist had about 1200 tracks downloaded. This had never previously been a problem, but then one day (right around when I encountered the data problem), Spotify decided to reorder this whole playlist. I still haven't figured out what the new order is (it used to be most recent on top, and now has now discernable order), but once I toggled download off for that playlist, my data issue stopped. Thanks for your help

I Got the same problem. Have you found any solution?

It's re-downloading the album art over and over again that's causing the problem.

So how to solve it? Do i really have to play all 2000 songs i made offline...

This is happening to me too! I've burned through my (large) data plan the last two months listening to offline lists! Just this morning it used 850 MB in less than an hour of listening to downloaded playlists.

I don't know of a solution that actually allows you to keep lots of songs downloaded. Pretty frustrating.


I uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify to make sure I wiped all the downloads off my phone. And now I don't keep any huge playlists downloaded. I've redownloaded a bunch of albums and I have not had any more problems with data usage.

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