Tell us iPhone users WHY this app won't work, and what you are doing to fix it

Tell us iPhone users WHY this app won't work, and what you are doing to fix it


I'd been a Spotify subscriber for around a year, until recently.


I am SICK TO DEATH of this app crashing out every few minutes. Sometimes you get a tell-tale stutter, then CRASH, or just a simpe CRASH


It seems that many people running this app on an Apple product are suffering from this issue, and an intense frustration at the staff here at Spotify in not fixing it.


We are SICK TO DEATH of being fobbed off with the sort of 'try this....' answers to something that THEY know and WE know is a fundamental issue with this app.


If you are also hacked off with this app and the level of customer service (used in the losest sense) here, then post in here.


Ignoring folks like us WILL lose them business and credibility. I'll also go way out of my way to ensure as many folks as possible know about this disgraceful service that has cost us money.

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i am afraid that spotify has jumped the shark. after hearing about this from friends in europe and blogs in the states i was an early subscriber to spotify with a premium subscription. my use has pushed a large number of my facebook friends to use spotify and i recently decided to cancel a rhapsody subscription i have had for many years. it has all come crashing down in the last month. first i noticed that my offline playlists on my iphone would hang, typically on the first song after about 45 seconds of play. i tried deleting the playlist and resyncing, but that did not seem to solve the problem. i researched here and saw the posts about 3 devices so i deleted spotify from my travel laptop, my ipad and my family imac leaving it on my primary work win7 desktop and my iphone. no help.  since i was leaving for a vacation last week i took the step of deleting spotify from my iphone, reinstalled and tried to resync all my playlists.  the application just started the process and hung.  monitoring the sync from the desktop app i could see the "sync" icon for my iphone come and go, but the progress gasbar on my iphone never seemed to move for the playlist it was loading. in addition the debt card i have used to pay for this account expired in feb and i have not been able to update the payment to reflect that the same card has a new expiration date and cvv.  i have returned from my travels where i was not able to use spotify at all to play music to see an email saying "we understand you had a problem, here's 2 weeks of free use...".  the recreation of my playlists on another service or back on rhapsody is not something i look forward to, the advice to take some simple step to solve the problem offends me as i understand the software, the license model and the sync process. the lack of attention is amazing and i feel that most of the users are going to simply run into these road blocks over time as they are not being addressed.  i will try to clean things up and figure this out, but when the next payment is do and the card they have doesn't work, i am afraid i will be moving on.  this application is full of  bugs.


I have been having similar issues. Everything works fine on my laptop and work desktop computers (neither are apple) but I have an older iphone and when i get on the app it will either not play or play each song about halfway through and stop. When it will at least do that I can hit the back button and it will play the song from the beginning but only half way through. I deleted the app and then re-downloaded but it didn't help.. I'm soooooo frustrated! What's the point in paying for the service so i can have it on my mobile if it doesnt even work. I emailed a few days ago but haven't heard back yet.. 


In the same boat. I've ranted and raved about how great spotify is, gotten MANY of my friends signed up, began to pay for a subscription, and BAM! just starts crapping out on me.


It's like I'm back in the days of trying to listen to damaged CDs again only now I can't destroy my iPhone in a rage.


I could understand if I were out of range from my network most of the time or something but that is not the case here.


Spotify needs to get it's **bleep** together.


Similar problem - installed on three devices and now all of a sudden offline playlist content has automatically disappeared off my iPhone.  Plus it is constatntly making me log in (please remember me on myy iPhone!!!) even when I am physically offline.  I have gone from loving it to being very irritated.  I too have been a big advocate of Spotify but will unsubscribe if these issues are not fixed soon.


Yeah it deleteds sometimes songs on my device too, but i found out that that had to do with the fact that i logged in and made playlists offline available on more than 5 devices. It skipped the first offline  playlists..


So I did some more digging around and found that with an outdated iOS your spotify will not work as smoothly.


I'm assuming most of you either jailbreak (like I did) or just dont update that often.


Just updated the OS on my phone and spotify works fine. I feel like a dick for blaming spotify and not doing more research but there it is. Update your operating system and all of your spotify problems will melt away.


I've had a spotify premium account for about a year and a half now. I have NEVER EVER had a problem with spotify or spotify mobile on my jailbroken iphone 4. Not ONCE. it's your phone not the app people. it works perfectly.

Thank you spotify. keep it up.

Yea iv been trying to download the app on my iPhone and it can't Evan find the app so I tried downloading the iPhone app on my iMac and then putting it onto my iPhone and it won't download it's just there and not downloading, so spotify for **uh-oh** sake fix the app!

No it doesn't I have an iPhone 4 that's also jail broken but it just won't download or find the app on the app store, and it won't work on my moms iPhone 4 that isn't jail broken 😕


catching up. the sync problem started again about 8 days ago. all my playlists on a non-jailbreak'ed iphone 4s running ios 5.1.1 are or were sync'ed for offline play.  songs would end early or playlists would not continue to the next song. tried streaming and no luck. went through the process of un installing, clearing safari cache/history/data, basically anything i could find.  i delete and reinstalled the desktop, even got an email from spotify support saying "We have had a look of your account and we found that there was something wrong with your playlists and that might be the problem why you were facing difficulties, but don't worry now as we have already fixed it.".  nothing has fixed the problem.  i have started sharing my experience with the reddit spotify forum, tried emailing the support directly. check that the spotify help page for service status indicate "we are experiencing some problems with the service." last time this happened i was going on a vegas vacation, this time we are a day away from 3 days at lollapalooza in chicago. the thought of no music in the car or hotel has be frantic working on a plan "b". i have ripped all my cd's into mp3's, even have a usb turn table and have worked through my vinyl collection. the fact that others have responded so passionately in threads shows how much others feel the same.


there is so much to like about spotify but the reliability of the service for something that is so important in my life is frustrating.

I have spotify premium on my iPhone 5s and it won't let me search a thing! Any ideas?? I've about had it


Hey Kingofrain2, 


I've sent you a PM, so check your inbox!

Search should be back up and running again now. Spotify did have some issues which have now been resolved.

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