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The new iOS update is unusable - not able to view artists

The new iOS update is unusable - not able to view artists

The new update makes it incredibly difficult to listen to a variety of music in my expansive library that I have curated over many years - I can't simply see a list of artists whose music I have liked or saved offline.


I found a website that has helped (*snip*) and currently importing 14,000 songs to Apple Music.


Simply sharing this so that Spotify is aware just how easy it is to move away from their service and might inspire them to return what I would regard as a very basic set of functionality that has been the norm since my very first (original) iPod.  At least add a feature toggle...

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I canceled my subscription last week because of the problems with the artist list. Yesterday the old format returned so I resubscribed. I do not know if Spotify was jerking me around to get me to resubscribe. Today the list loads like a lid on the way to the bacon factory. The artist list is scrambled. Apparently I have to like all of my artists again. I think I’ll try Apple because Spotify is incapable of understanding how to run a service.

Your post made me go back and have another look - you're right, the current view is an improvement... with an alphabetical sort option it would be functional again.


Something else I came to notice yesterday after making the switch to Apple is that the clarity and soundstage appeared to be noticeably better across various genres (performed an A/B test) so I guess I am glad that for all the annoyance I ended up with a decent result.

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