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The new iPhone application performs horribly

The new iPhone application performs horribly

I've never seen an application perform this poorly. It constantly locks up, slow to respond, and crashes frequently on my iPhone 4. I literally cannot use the application at all when connected over USB in my car because it crashes or stops responding, yet if I use the iOS music player it works perfectly.


Is there a fix or something coming out for this?





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I was still happy that my iPhone 4 was kinda shining with iOS 7.1 update. But now Spotify unfortunately suck. I don't have that much crashes as you do, but general experience has extremely reduced. They gotta do something about it, immediately. Neither me nor my iPhone is not happy at all.

I'm having a lot of problems with the new iPhone application for Spotify. It's extremely slow and crashes frequently.


Also, I feel like there was a version a while back that would allow you to drag the main menu on to the screen from any place inside the app - you could be on the "Now Playing" screen and jump immediately to your playlists. Now, if I've searched for a particular song and then want to go to one of my playlists, I have to exit the "now playing" screen, back up through the album, through the artist, and then through the search function before I can finally access the main menu and each one of those jumps takes a second or two to load. Is there a shortcut way to access the main menu from subsequent screens inside the app that I've just totally missed?

Oh dear, this new version of Spotify for iPhone (1.0.03251) is so clunky.   Can't you give us an option for a simple GUI - some of us just want to LISTEN to our music!  And why is there this massive green  "Shuffle Play" button in such prominent position?   Folks, it truly is possible to offer a brilliant user experience without "Microsofting" the GUI... try it!!

It is very difficult to use the "Add to Queue" button.  If you press to the right of the button, you miss it, and the song plays 


Can you please change the touch zone to include all the space on the right side of the song title?





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