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The new iPhone application performs horribly

The new iPhone application performs horribly

I've never seen an application perform this poorly. It constantly locks up, slow to respond, and crashes frequently on my iPhone 4. I literally cannot use the application at all when connected over USB in my car because it crashes or stops responding, yet if I use the iOS music player it works perfectly.


Is there a fix or something coming out for this?





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I can't do anything but agree to what's already been said. The app is nigh unusuable with the delay for switching between songs..

Also iPhone 5s with loads of offline content.

Would really like to see the Spotify dev-team acknowledging the issue.

Same here,


The app freezes constantly when I'll about to change song. And when i press next song it dosent work, after several times to finally release it and it changes the song.

This app has never worked this bad, after the latest update......


Not worth paying for!

Same problem on IPhone 4, IOS 6. A nightmare, the app crashes all the time. Conside leaving after 2 years of premium membership!!!


Spotify - are you sleeping?????


// Eric in Sweden

Spotify replied to my email. They are aware of a "few" issues and are working on a fix ASAP.

Dear Spotify this kind of mistakes shouldnt happen. Your ios app is unusable for me since too long response times and crashes. I'm really sad that I have still about 3 months subricitaion left. I love to listen music and I thougt you were the answer but no you just ruined all.

Thanks for not doing proper testing.


T:  Customer that aren't smiling now.

My app seemed to respond better if I switched it to offline mode. The UI wasn't as sluggish and it also appeared to skip tracks with less delay that what I was seeing before.

Hopefully things will improve quickly. A staff member posted in over here earlier today so it looks like that is the thread to keep an eye on for updates.


Well till that update i was happy user of Spotify Premium on the iPhone 4 as mostly I listen musin on the go. That update does not work best, it's rather tragic - in fine words without swearing.


1. New design is not not user friendly, color palette is completely confusing. PC version is ugly too.
2. As many I have problem when I want to change a song, you click next button and the song goes for another 10-30 seconds, until it is changed. If you want to change a song back to previous it is almost impossible to do that by this issue.

3. When hitting pause / stop button same... 10-30 seconds delay.


Why spotify want to be so simillar to Windows 8 / iOS design?

Please do not make us happy at any cost - us users who pay you, give us choice in which graphic design are we interested and we want to see. I personally prefer old one. This also applies to the PC version as well. Add skins or something like that and problem solved 🙂

Having similar issues here with iphone 4 with iOS 7.1

Using the app itself works ok, sometimes maybe a bit slow BUT when changing songs from lock screen directly or via control center (while locked) response times go long, usually ending up with the app crasing. And this is quite frustrating.

For example pushing backwards button after few seconds restarts the song, but instead of changing to previous one, it lets the song play few seconds, restarts it again, does so X times and then crashes. Unlocking the screen and going to the app when this is happening gives you frozen screen and a crash also. Happens often.



Have no idea if it does the same when unlocked, since I use Spotify via mobile on the move.

Same here. Really disgraceful, and my premium subscription is now cancelled. I'm not paying good money for a rubbish product.

I have the same issue on iPhone 5. I also find the new UX has a terrible slider. I need to wait for the slider to animate into position before I can seek in the track.

I have an iPhone 5 and the latest update turned my favorite application into an application of terror and frustration 😞

My iPhone 4 has been eaten by the Update monster. First the ability to sort my playist in reverse order was taken out, then the major update. If I try to listen to spotify using the app, I hope I like the next song that might play, because changing it is a frustating five minute process involving crash after crash. I've been paying for premium for almost 2 years now, and no update has been this bad.

I can only re-itterate what other posters have already said:  the new app performs horribly on my 4S and the UI is getting progressively worse with each update.  I can't  believe that they managed to miss these performance issues.   I've been subscribing to Spotify for over three years now and have largely enjoyed it but unless they rectify these issues quickly I'll be looking for an alternative service.

i absolutely hate this update! 

i too am experiencing the same issues. i use spotify playslits on my 4S for work every day in the offline mode and have been bothered by:


* not being able to see playlist titles in the offline mode. they simply aren't loading and neither are most of the album covers so i can't even decipher which playlist it is that way

*songs getting 'stuck' and not continuing to the next song 


i am a massage therapist and cannot be interrupted during a session so it must be in offline mode. 


also...the black background is absolutely horrible. not only does it have a cheap, depressing sort of feel it is so difficult to read - if the desired effect was to have the font "pop" then it has failed miserably. i dislike black background websites in general because it hurts my eyes so, in a darkened room it's even harder to see! 


lastly, why bother with the playlists being listed under 'your music'? why not just  have 'playlists' as a category? 



Recently- the past week or so- my spotify app on my iphone 4S has been super laggy. I pay for premium but I can't skip songs as I normally would (it takes up to 10 seconds for the next song to play after I've pressed next song) and the screen won't load the name of the next song and so just remains showing that only one song is playing. For example, if i started playing Timber by Kesha, and pressed next song multiple times, it would still show that I was listening to timber.


I tried deleting and redownloading, i updated the app- no improvement.


It's so frustrating 😕

@sabineyboo I moved your post into a thread of similar problems. Spotify are aware of the performance issues some people are experiencing and are working on solutions. Hopefully, there will be a fix soon but, in the meantime, reinstalling the spotify app may be worth trying.

I am having roughly the same problems, however for me it will not work offline. It tells me I need to go online to listen to my music, even though I have made my playlist available offline. Some of my friends have been experiencing the same problems as me, after the update happened. I have also got an iPhone 4 and my friend the 4s, the new update is absolutely shocking and I would like something to be done ASAP. I would like to listen to my music wherever I go, but I cannot. I'm even thinking about cancelling my subscription, spotify used to be excellent and now I would not recommend it at all.

thank you.

i have reinstalled the app a few times and nothing has changed. i'll patiently wait for a fix!



How do you know they are aware?

They don't seem very transparent with this sort of thing.


Letting us openly know that they were aware would put a lot of minds at ease.

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