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Title Changes On Lock Screen -- Still not fixed -- Still broken

Title Changes On Lock Screen -- Still not fixed -- Still broken

27 Replies

This impacts A2DP title changes for those of us with vehicles that display title track/album/artist and time. It's not updating. What's the DEAL here spotify? Stop with the social crap until you get this right. I've held back until this last week, but I'm slamming you on this problem everytime I see, smell or think someone is about to talk about spotify. As a software developer, I have to say... What a stupid company to ignore your end users for THREE months now. Way to treat people like a number.


IF I had a choice, I would downgrade versions to the working one, which I don't have the option to on iOS.


We're still aware of this issue - Our top men are on the case!
Airhorn Enthusiast

David, I doubt that. Heard it many times before. I would have been fired by now for this "little" bug taking so long to fix. I'm well aware of SDLC and this is so far off it's not funny.

How many Spotify techs does it take to screw in a light bulb? One to hold the bulb while the others turn the house. Seriously though. I'm with Mog now and I couldn't be happier. Spotify blows.

They just released 0.5.5. Did they finally fix it? I'm dying to hear.

Nope, can't believe it..back to 0.5.1 yet again. What a pain updating in the hope that this bug would actually be fixed and then having to go back to iTunes and reverting back to a quickly becoming ancient version...not impressed.

By the way the only reason I can restore is because I downloaded the 0.5.1 version when it was released in May, then backed it up so when it gets overwritten I could replace the updated version with 0.5.1. Amazing how hard Apple wants to make it to be able to revert to a stable version.

Why am I not surprised. Time for dimwit David to weigh in and tell everyone how their best minds are on it. Get Mog.

Hey folks!


There is no update for this just now. However keep an eye and watch this space for updates.

It actually seems to be working for me.  The lock screen is showing the current song 6 songs into an album on my iPad.

Ok. What have you done? Because the latest update didn't do anything, either on my iPhone or iPad to fix this issue.

Doesn't seem to be working on my iPhone.  Not sure if the iPad/iPhone versions are that much different where the bug is fixed on that and not on the iPhone.

Just to reiterate a temporary solution proposed by someone else that has been working for me and (for better or worse) kept me from completely leaving. Install "Spotify For iOS4" from the app store works as it shows up as version 0.4.26 and does not have this bug.


How sad after 3 versions and 3 months this problem persists.

Glad this issue hasn't gone unnoticed. Spotify is annoying to use with my car and AppleTV because of this seemingly easy to fix bug. Spotify for iOS4 won't work for me because I updated to the new Facebook app. Wish the devs could at least give us an estimated time for this issue to be resolved!

Hi everyone - I can assure you we're still looking into this for you. 


As always, the more info you can give us the better. If you could please confirm the following I'll be able to pass this info along:


My iPad/iPhone model

Eg. iPhone 3G, iPhone 4S, The New iPad, etc.


Device’s Operating System

E.g. 5.1.1, etc.


My mobile Spotify version

E.g. 0.5.5


iPhone 4s and iPad 2


Both running iOS 5.1.1.


Both running spotify app

The spotify app version doesn't matter cus it has been this way since like three-four months ago as we have told you before.

Any update on this?

So what is happening with this? We as paying customers deserve to know! But all you are saying is: we are doing our best, and every time you say that, it's like you are saying "f**k you we don't care, we just want your money". It's been 4-5 months now and it is getting kind of akward for you.


SO what it's happening?

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