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Top Tracks Playlist Disappeared

Top Tracks Playlist Disappeared

Just installed Spotify on my brand new 5G Ipod touch. Seems only "what's new" has some content, top traks is empty and there is no other info like discovery. Is this normal?

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What version of the app does it say you're using in your Settings?


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To judge my musical taste, check out my

version, on an iPod Touch 5G 32gb

* when I go to "What's new", there are only some 'new releases' but nothing else. "Top tracks" is empty, no playlists, no popular tracks etc

* I cannot seem to search for playlists, only 'track/album/artist"


These features are present on my iPad, but on the iPod Touch ??

The "What's New" section is currently being replaced by the new "Discover" section, so it will change over on your iPhone soon. 

As for playlist searching, that does appear to be an iPad only feature (for mobile devices), there is an ideas topic about it here



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But why do I see a section 'top tracks' which is empty? And no popular playlists for example?

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