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Tracks unavailable to stream on iPhone

Tracks unavailable to stream on iPhone

Why can a track stream fine on my pc/mac client and then on my iPhone connected to the same network it be unavailable for streaming? and asks me to sync the track from my computer. Whats the point of even having a mobile client if you are not accessing the same streaming content as a Pc/mac but simply on the move?


I am not all that impressed with the service that offers streaming to mobile devices only with some songs when on the desktop version of the client it will stream fine.



4 Replies


These tracks you are trying to play - Are they local files on your computer at all? You would need to sync them directly to your device first of all. Otherwise, you should be able to stream the tracks directly to your phone.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Hi David,

Many thanks for the reply, think we have found a bug on the iPhone client 🙂

After investigation, these songs were added to the playlist from my pc with stored music, going on a mac client and playing the list, they would steam the online version fine, however even though the tags are correct the iPhone client can not find the song. So I have to search for the song on the iPhone and re-add it to the playlist!


If you ever need a good beta tester for the iOS apps I don't mind helping as I am a QA manager for a mobile games company but have the nack of finding these issues 🙂

Hey Paul!

So the phone wasn't finding the Spotify version of that track? Interesting...
Airhorn Enthusiast

Fraid not the only thing todo is go trough my stared music and re-add the tracks that are not available to make them play, if you want any logs or more detail, I will gladly help 🙂


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